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100 Inch ALR Projector Screen (Clearance)

100 Inch ALR Projector Screen (Clearance)

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  • 100 Inch Projection Screen.
  • Approximate Size: 1.3m (H) X 2.3M (L)
  • Approximate Weight: 15-17kg
  • Hook mounts not provided. 
  • TYPE: Fixed-frame
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Projection Screen

  • ALR Projector Screen

    Unlike a regular projector screen that reflects light in all directions, ALR screens, also known as “ambient light rejection” screens selectively reflect light toward an audience.

    Reducing the negative effects of ambient light, giving you a better image projection in brighter environments.

  • Screen VS Regular Wall

    Projector screens have special properties that improves its reflective properties towards the user's eye and image experienced. A regular wall tend to scatter the light more randomly instead of controlled. It is also a great solution for those who do not have a spare white wall and require a easy & effective flat surface solution.