Collection: Sri Trang™ Gloves

Sri Trang™ Gloves Powder-Free

  • Strong Protection

    Suitable for non-sterile medical applications. The nitrile & latex gloves are capable of protecting users against contaminants, bodily fluid and potential environmental contaminants such as bacteria commonly found on surfaces or liquids.

  • Quality Standards

    Sri Trang gloves are comfortable and easy to wear. The nitrile & latex gloves are powder-free and odorless. The product's properties grants greater elasticity and flexibility, enabling it to fit around the user's hand comfortably and with ease. The gloves are easy to grab with the glove's textured surface located at the fingertips. These gloves are durable even after a moderate period of usage.

    *Nitrile gloves are the best alternative for individuals that have sensitive skin.

  • Product Specification

    1. Shape: Ambidextrous (Can be used effectively on either hands)

    2. Latex Material: Nitrile Butadiene Rubber 

    3. Cuff: Rolled cuff

    4. Surface: Texture at fingertips

    5: Treatment: Powder Free, Online Chlorinated

  • Available Sizes & Palm width (mm) according to EN 455-2:

    S (6-7) : 80+/-10

    M (7-8) : 95 +/-10

    L (8-9) : 110+/-10

    XL (9-10) : ≥ 110

    Kindly refer to the above image for an estimated visual reference.

Quality Assurance

  • Medical Device Regulation (EU)2017/745: Class I under Rule1 and Rule 5 according to Annex VIII (Subject to EU Declaration of Conformity to brand owner)
  • Personal Protective Equipment Regulation (EU) 2016/425: Category I or Category III (Subject to EU Type-Examination Certificate)
  • Medical: EN 455; ASTM D6319
  • PPE: CAT I; CAT III; EN 420: EN 374; EN 16523-1
  • Conformity to food regulation: 1935/2004

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What's the shelf life of your gloves?

Approximately 3 years (Date of expiration will be labelled on the box).

Recommended storage method?

Keep the storage area cool, dry and dust free, avoid ventilation and storing it close to photocopy equipment. Copper-ions discolor the glove.

Protect gloves against ultraviolet light sources, due to factors from sunlight and oxidizing agents. Storage areas above 30°C may lead to accelerated aging and should be avoided.

How many pieces of gloves are in each box?

It comes at an average of 100 gloves per box.

Why are the nitrile purple gloves more expensive?

The Nitrile purple gloves are denser and have a different build structure.

Are you able to do bulk orders & offer special rebates?

Yes we can. Kindly drop us an email with your name, contact, company (if applicable) and your required quantity.

For references, each carton of gloves contains 10 boxes.