Buying a face mask in Singapore. How to choose one and use them properly

Buying a face mask in Singapore. How to choose one and use them properly

When it comes to face masks, there are plenty of options to choose from in Singapore. Ranging from non-medical to medical grade, 1 ply to 3 ply and of course quality assurance as to whether you are really protected from biological factors. At Granzilla, we manufacture 3-ply surgical face mask locally in Singapore at our facility in Aljunied.

What makes a good protective face mask ?

Biological Protection: Masks are made to protect you from environmental factors such as microorganisms, viruses, unwanted liquids, bacteria, blood etc. To do this they must be built with hydrophobic materials that possess the capability to repel out these threats, enable proper filtering, while still maintaining great breathability for its user.

Quality Melt Blown Layer: This layer is the barrier that separates you from your surrounding environment, and so it must be both strong and durable. The Melt Blown Layer must also provide a seal that will be effective in protecting you from the environment - while still letting out any moisture that builds up inside the mask. Authentic, high quality melt blown fabric allows easy passage of air while making it difficult for unwanted particles to penetrate them.

Lab Tested & Quality Checked: Good quality masks are lab tested and often regulated by the relevant government authorities. The information will then be made publicly available on both government channels as well as the mask's producers website or packaging. These ensures consumers are purchasing highly quality masks that offer the full intended healthcare protection.

Consumers should always strive to seek out the above information before purchasing a mask from any brand. Any quality producer of masks will be proud to showcase all these details as it not only empowers customers with the right information while solidifying their brand's value to healthcare.



What to be cautious of 

The global market, including Singapore is filled with businesses and individuals selling face masks due to the global pandemic. However, a large portion of these masks are not only low quality but unregulated.

Uninformed consumers may purchase these poor quality masks unintentionally due to their attractive price points, colorful designs or ambiguous marketing. But realistically, these masks provide incredibly low or zero protection. To ensure proper healthcare standards are met, always buy a face mask from a reputable source that is able to guarantee the required protection.

Using a face mask properly

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after touching the mask.
  2. Store unused masks in clean, hygienic environments.
  3. Touch only the elastic ear-loops/ties of the mask when putting them on or taking them off.
  4. Make sure the mask is properly fitted. It should cover your mouth, nose and chin area.
  5. A face mask that is too large or small will not provide adequate protection.
  6. Make sure the mask is built for hours of comfortable wear and breathable.
  7. Discard disposable face mask after use and put on a fresh new one for every new event.

Where to buy quality face masks ?

At Granzilla, we source quality materials and manufacture our masks according to international standards right here on the sunny island of Singapore.

Every box of Granzilla face masks contains 5 vacuum sealed pack of masks, with each pack containing 10 pieces of mask. This not only makes it a convenient and travel-ready option but aids users in maintaining a clean hygienic storage environment for unused masks.

Our face masks are made in Singapore at our dedicated facility located in Aljunied. Our masks are not only lab tested but regulated by the Health Science Authority of Singapore (HSA). Information related to our mask and business have been made publicly available to reassure consumers we stand by our masks 100%.

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