Latex vs Nitrile Gloves

Latex vs Nitrile Gloves

There are many types of gloves on the market today, but the two most popular are latex and nitrile gloves. Both have their own unique benefits that make them ideal for different situations. Businesses and individuals in Singapore are a constant lookout for these two gloves in various fields due to their reliability.

Latex gloves are made from natural rubber and provide a snug, comfortable fit. They're also very elastic, so they can be stretched and pulled off easily.

Nitrile gloves are made from a synthetic material that is rather similar to latex. They are often used in medical settings because they're resistant to chemicals and environmental contaminants such as pathogens, dirt etc. Nitrile gloves also tend to be more durable than latex gloves, so they can be useful when tougher tasks arises.

Protective gloves have long been in demand by professionals from various industries but it's no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a global surge in demand by the average consumer. This results in a global shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, sparking new market interest. This has led many people to ask the question, "So what exactly is the difference between nitrile and latex gloves? And which one is better? What should I get?". In this article, we will explore the answer to those questions.

Aren't all gloves the same ?

Historically, most medical professionals have used latex gloves. In fact, when many people think of medical/pharmaceutical related gloves, they picture the white latex variety. Latex is a milky white liquid that's produced from the sap of rubber trees. It's malleable and stretches easily, which makes it ideal for use in the medical industry. Latex gloves are available in several different sizes and thicknesses. They can be powdered or powder-free and they can come with a textured finish on one or both sides. At Granzilla, we carry both nitrile and latex gloves that are of medical grade and powder-free to suit a variety of needs.

Nitrile Gloves unlike latex, is a form of material produced from synthetic rubber. Its been used in the medical field for decades because it's hypoallergenic and has a flexible consistency. As a result, Nitrile gloves have long been a substitute for individuals that are sensitive to latex. Due to its enhanced capabilities over traditional latex, nitrile gloves are used in a multiple sectors outside of the medical field as well, for instance, the manufacturing and food industry. Nitrile gloves are also available in a plethora of sizes, lengths and thickness. They're also offered in powder free or powder coated versions, depending on your needs.

So when do I get get latex or nitrile and vice versa ?

Both latex and nitrile gloves are good options, but you need to know when to use them.

Latex gloves are best for environments whereby large quantities of liquids are involved, such as laboratories where chemicals or other volatile substances can potentially be spilled. Nitrile gloves tend to be less permeable and so, are excellent for use in harsher chemical environments. Nitrile gloves are also stronger than latex, so they're better for more strenuous jobs. Latex gloves are usually softer and more flexible allowing for a greater range of motion, but if you work with harsher chemicals regular or tougher environments prone to tears, we would recommending going with nitrile gloves.

Ready to make a decision ?

In summary here's what you should take note of when choosing your gloves: Price, Skin Sensitivity & Work Environment are the main factors that alludes to whether nitrile or latex gloves are utilized.

Now take not that these factors are highlighted mainly so that professionals or businesses can make a more informed decision when acquiring the right glove.

However, if you are an average user, chances are, either gloves will cover all your protective needs simply because the gloves will be subjected to a less intensive environment as compared to what professionals are frequently exposed to. But who knows ? You could be a garage scientist so it's still good knowledge to have either way. At Granzilla, we offer quality gloves at affordable rates for both individual consumers as well as businesses in Singapore.

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