[BUNDLE SALE] MyPurmist Ultrapure Sterile Water X 3 Boxes

[BUNDLE SALE] MyPurmist Ultrapure Sterile Water X 3 Boxes

S$83.85 Regular Price
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Get 3 boxes of MyPurmist Ultrapure Sterile Water and enjoy 10% discount!


MyPurmist Ultrapure Water is sterile and is the purest form of water commercially available. When used with MyPurmist, it provides pure warm therapeutic mist - free from allergens, germs, irritants and pollutants. 

Every Mypurmist Water refill is packaged in a sealed container that provides protection, convenience and portability. Handy at home and easy to take with you. Breathe freely anywhere, anytime! 

Each box includes twenty (20) 30-ml refills and is good for up to 100 sessions!

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