LED Downlight Warm White

LED Downlight Warm White


Input Voltage: AC 90 ~ 264V

Colour temperature: Warm White

Beam Angle: 60°

Material: AL + PC

Storage Temperature: -25°C to +65°C

Working Temperature: -40°C to +55°C

Life Span: 50,000 hours

Light Efficiency: 75Lm/W

IP Rating: IP44

Certificate: CE (Isolate Driver)



Power Size / Hole Size Lumens
3W Ø90 X 54mm / Ø75mm 225Lm
5W Ø100 X 50mm / Ø90mm 375Lm
7W Ø130 X 66mm / Ø115mm 525Lm
9W Ø139 X 66mm / Ø115mm 675Lm
12W Ø160 X 66mm / Ø140mm 900Lm