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Creating Unique Shopping Experience For You

At Granzilla, our extensive selection of products are not only the highest quality, but also economically priced to provide the best value. We’re committed to offering exceptional customer service to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with your purchase.  Our products ranges from surgical masks, projectors and more.

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Product Category

Medical Device

Every life is precious. When it comes to protecting you against harmful biochemical threats, it is important that the medical device is able to function properly as intended. As a GDPMDS medical device supplier in Singapore, we commit ourselves in providing you with good quality medical devices so that you can use it with a peace of mind. We manufacture our face masks locally right here in Singapore.

Surgeons in Operating Room
Home Entertainment

Fancy yourself of building a home theater that does not break your wallet? We've got you covered.

Starting with the most important gadget in your home theater, a high definition TV projector. 

We introduce JMGO ultra short throw laser projector series, a projector that can cast 100" screen from 10 inches away from the wall

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Personal Healthcare

Taking care of your health is paramount. Therefore, we bring in brands that are good for your own well-being. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Starting off with a brand called Mypurmist, a handheld device that can generate clean and fine water mist to gently wash away the allergens in your respiratory tract and naturally relieve your cold & flu symptoms

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Data Communication

Looking for data communication equipment and accessories for your construction project? At Granzilla, we carry a wide variety of network products such as fibre optic cable, keystones, Cat 5 & Cat 6 network cable etc.

Network Hub and Cable
ESD & Cleanroom

Coming from electronic manufacturing background in our parent company, Grantech, we are confident in providing commonly used ESD & cleanroom products at affordable pricing.